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Online Consultation : Holistic therapy

Online consultation for physical and mental health in Holistic therapy. The consultation is directly with Woosen Ur

The diagnosis will be done through constitutional diagnosis, symptoms and astrology for health.
The consultation can include advice on TCM herbology, Amazonian herbs, general herbs or Oriental herbs ), flowers, diet therapy, Qi gong energy practices, or talisman art etc. The consultation fee is only for counselling.
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1. Physical problems
2. Emotional problems
3. TCM, Oriental herbs, Amazonian herbs 
Flowers of Bach that heals your emotion 
5. Talisman art healing 
6. Qi gong energy practices, Sound healing 
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Frequently asked questions

What are included in consultation ? 

After analyzing the forms, the therapist will have some ideas about the critical points, and where to focus. And through video talk, the therapist will observe and listen the client's situation.  Therapeutic herbal formulas or flower will be advised. And depending on the cases, diet, qi gong, mantra sound or other spiritual treatment can be added.  The prescriptions will be changed considering the changes in the second or third consultations.

What is herbology ?

This is a kind of therapy using therapeutic herbs. There are many traditions of herbology in various countries. The most commonly used methods are traditional chinese medicine, Indian ayurveda and Amazonian herbs. It seeks the equilibrium of the body energy using the different properties of the herbs.  The herbs have different taste, smells. and properties that influence the energy state of our body.  

What is flower of Bach ? 

This method was created by Edward Bach around 1920 and 1930. This therapy use 38 types of special flower products, Usually used for emotional and mental problems. Mainly have been used for healing psychological issues.

What is talisman art healing? 

This is a kind of therapy using art picture that is designed by client's astrological birth chart. It uses astrological symbols and psychological archetypes. Therapist will analyze the astrological chart of the client and choose the proper symbols that will  heal the spiritual state of the client. The client can put the picture in a room where easily can see the picture. Everyday seeing the picture will continuously heal the client. Every client will have different designs for the same problems because their astrological charts are all different. This is very personalized talisman art. 

What is qi gong ?

Qi gong is a kind of energy practice using movement of  body, concentration of mind and breathing technique. It balances the movement of Qi ( energy ), calm the mind and relax the body. It has a good therapeutic and healing effects on the body and mind.The personalized movement and technique will be prescribed to the client considering the health situation of the clients.

What is mantra sound healing ? 

Spirit and energy react very quickly to sound. And that is how the mantras works. When the proper imagination and mantra is combined, it will have very powerful effect on our energy and spirit. This method is used for spiritual problems and some emotional issues. The personalized mantra sound will be prescribed considering the situation of the clients. 

Steps to the first consultation

1. Sign up and log in
2. Send us an email and ask us if this consultation is proper for your case.
<Our email > [email protected]
3. If the reply is YES, click the button of BUY NOW after you log in. 
4. Payment will be done in PAY PAL and Credit card.
5. You will receive an email including forms to complete. They are questions about symtpoms and health situation. Reply these forms through email. ( if you didn't receive it in 2-3 days, please email us or check the garbage email box )
6. Appointment of Zoom talk will be made after analyzing the form. Analyzing time depends on cases but usually takes 1 week. 

Consultation fee :  $50.00 / consultation

Woosen Ur, Ph.D.

Born in South Korea, living in Brazil. Natural and spiritual therapist.
Ph.D. in Korean medicine ( Wonkwang univ., Korea ), Master in natural health ( Korea ), Bachelor in Chinese medicine ( Beijing univ. of TCM, China ).  Has been teaching oriental medicine and opening various seminars about healing and therapy since 2007 in various countries like China, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Japan and Korea. Worked as a professor of Chinese medicine in IBRATE ( instituto brasileiro de therapias e ensino ), Calgary college of Chinese medicine and acupunture. Officially received the title of 'Professor Honoris Causa' from the Logos university in USA. Manages the school of TAI LING and Green Aura of holistic therapies
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