Online Consultation

Online Consultation : Chinese medicine
/Korean medicine

Online consultation for physical and mental health in Oriental medicine. The consultation is directly with Dr. Woosen Ur

The diagnosis will be done through constitutional diagnosis, TCM and Korean medicine diagnosis
The consultation includes Chinese medicine/ Korean medicine diagnosis and herbal prescription ( we do not sell herbs )
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1. Physical problems
2. Emotional problems
3. Chinese medicine, Korean medicine 
4. Herbal prescription

Ask the online consultation through whatsapp
+55(Brazil)-41-99744-0427 or email : and make an appointment.

The consultation will be done on online clinic.
Online clinic :
or Zoom ( the link will be sent )
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Frequently asked questions

How to ask the online consultation ? 

Ask for online consultation and make an appointment through whatsapp +55 (Brazil)-41-99744-0427  or
The consultation will be done through online clinic :
or Zoom can be used ( the link will be sent )

What are included in consultation ? 

It includes diagnosis of constitution through Korean medicine methods, TCM diagnosis and herbal prescription or diet prescription ( if needed ). We do not sell herbs or formulas.

What is herbology ?

This is a kind of therapy using therapeutic herbs. There are many traditions of herbology in various countries. The most commonly used methods are traditional chinese medicine, Indian ayurveda and Amazonian herbs. It seeks the equilibrium of the body energy using the different properties of the herbs.  The herbs have different taste, smells. and properties that influence the energy state of our body.  
TCM practitioner

Woosen Ur, Ph.D.

Born in South Korea, living in Brazil. Natural and spiritual therapist.
Ph.D. doctorate in Korean medicine ( Wonkwang univ., Korea ), Master in natural health ( Korea ), Bachelor in Chinese medicine ( Beijing univ. of TCM, China ).  Has been teaching oriental medicine and opening various seminars about healing and therapy since 2007 in various countries like China, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Japan and Korea. Worked as a professor of Chinese medicine in IBRATE ( instituto brasileiro de therapias e ensino ), Calgary college of Chinese medicine and acupunture. Officially received the title of 'Professor Honoris Causa' from the Logos university in USA. Manages the school of TAI LING and Green Aura of holistic therapies
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