Feng Shui online consultation

Feng shui condition directly influences your business result and life quality.  Make your place full of luck and energy with our Feng shui counselling. 
Objects: Houses, apartment, business office, company etc. ( real estate )
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How to apply for consultation

 We strictly follow the privacy rule and the information can not be shared with the third body without the permission of the client. You can apply for counselling through an email with information or attached files. After you receive the reply from us, you will pay the fee through this website ( click the button BUY NOW above).  The fee is for one place (one address). If you want a counselling on the spot, we will consider the distance and reply you. The information you send us is as follows : 

  • Googlemap capture of the object place with directions ( it is a good idea to let us know the address for us to search in googlemap or google earth )
  • House map that shows rooms, kitchens, toilets, doors etc with directions ( north, south, east and west )
  • Pictures of place or anything that you want to let us know about your place.
  • If you can provide, the birth year, month, date, time and the birth place of the contractor (who lives in the place) of the place are helpful. ( This is used for planetary signs consideration for Feng shui )
  • You can write your question related with  your place.

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What you will receive from the consultation

We provide you the following information to improve the Feng shui condition of your place. The counselling result will be sent by email. 

  • Evaluation of the present Feng shui conditions of your place
  • Energetic and spiritual meanings of your place
  • Tips and points to improve the Feng shui conditions of your place.
  • We offer 1 year counselling about your place. ( You can ask questions of Feng shui about the place and receive reply for 1 year )

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Meet the consultant

Woosen Ur, Ph.D.

He is a holistic therapy teacher in our academy and also Feng Shui practitioner and counsellor.  His main method is traditional Korean Feng shui method with consideration of planetary signs. Business places, residential places and tombs (all kinds of real estate are  analyzed. 
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