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Spiritual Art therapy
We create your own talisman art picture considering your Astrological horoscope. 

Talisman art picture enchances the potential power in your astrological horoscope. Every person has their own defects and merits in their horoscopes and the talisman art can complement the defects and enchance the merits.

Creating a talisman art needs understanding of spiritual astrology and spiritual art painting. 
All pieces of work we send are the genuine original works from the artist.

< Steps of gaining your own talisman art picture >
( 1 ) Sign up and sign in. It is recommended to send us an email ( greenauracenter@gmail.com ) and tell us your residential country, preferences (if you want portrait type or scenery type) or other personal wishes ( if you have any ) before you realize the payment. If you don't have any special preferences, the creation will begin with standard option.
Standard option (recommended) : The artist decide what to use to paint the picture. 
Usually mixture of  oil, watercolor, acrylics, colored pencil, ink and pen are used.
( 2 ) Click the button "Buy now" and pay the price.
( 3 ) Send your birth year, birth month, birth date, birth time and birth place to us. ( through emails ) 
( 4 ) We create the talisman art picture from your astrology horoscope.
( 5 ) We send it to you by post office. 

Get your own 
Talisman fantasy art

You can pay in easy and safe way using PAYPAL system.
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Heal your Spiritual Karmic Pattern  by Talisman Art Picture !

We open the door to the spiritual world of Talisman Art

All talisman art pictures have their own spiritual messages that can influence and change your subconscious mind patterns.  We call it personal inspirational impact.

This is a kind of therapy and healing that functions in the realm of deep consciousness. All Art give us impressions of beauty and that already proves art can heal our mind and the talisman art is specially for that purpose.

Creating a talisman art picture needs a series of highly skilled spiritual process to gain the best inspiration from the horoscope and spiritual painting skills.

Talisman art help us expand our consciousness 

Ask us any questions about talisman art if you have any. There are many kinds of images in the world. The talisman images help us understand ourselves.

Mythology is the reflection of our mind. We can not ignore the mythology because it is from our mind.  

Remember that our lives are formed by our mind and our mind is influenced by the energy patterns in the sky when we were born in this world. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the important factors in creating a talisman art picture?  

Creating talisman art pictures is not drawing and painting automatically without any inspiration. It needs a series of highly skilled spiritual process to gain the best inspiration from the astrology horoscope. The spiritual inspiration from the horoscope and the spiritual painting skill are important factors

How talisman art functions ? 

Astrology horoscope shows some karmic patterns in the subconscious mind of the person. But most of people have difficulty in communicating with their own subconscious mind because there is a spiritual barrier that blocks and separate the consciousness. Talisman art picture helps loosen the barrier and let the conscious mind communicate more easily with the subconscious mind. That is how it functions.  

How long does it take to create the talisman art picture ?

It is difficult to say the precise days because each cases is different but usually takes 2 weeks to create the art and the delivery days depend on your country. But as you can see the steps of creation above, it also depends on the communication time with you. We do our best to create it and send it as early as possible but with full effort to create it in perfect quality. 

Talisman art picture is a kind of therapy or art? 

You can consider it as therapy and art at the same time.  This is a kind of therapy for human mind and para-psychological healing because it is created to heal the mind. But because it is created from an artistic inspiration that moves human mind, you also can call it art as well.  
Talisman Art Creators

Sachiko Mili Art &
Rodrigo Sagittarius Virgo

Sachiko Mili Art is a spiritual fantasy artist living in Spain. 
Rodrigo Sagittarius Virgo is a spiritual astrologer and healer.   
Patrick Jones - Course author
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