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Oncology care by Chinese herbal medicine : during and after Chemotherapy

"Increase the Survival Rate of Cancer Patients: Mitigating Chemotherapy Side Effects and Enhancing Treatment Efficacy through Chinese Herbal Medicine Interventions."

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Oncology care by Chinese Herbal Medicine : during and after chemotherapy

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TCM herbal medicine can help a lot cancer patients. This course will enhance your clinical TCM skills.


  • 5 chapters
  • 1 Certification - ask us when done
  • Recorded course
  • 22 Videos : 4 hours
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Become a Specialist of Herbal medicine

"Unlock the Power of Healing: Explore strategies to alleviate chemotherapy side effects, amplify therapeutic outcomes, and provide comprehensive care for cancer patients using Chinese Herbal Medicine in this enlightening course."

Deepen your clinical skills

"Elevate your proficiency in Chinese Medicine with our specialized course designed to enhance your clinical skills. Through expert guidance and hands-on learning, you'll gain invaluable insights into advanced techniques, diagnostics, and treatment strategies. Join us to elevate your practice and unlock new levels of proficiency in the field of Chinese Medicine."
Meet the instructor

Woosen Ur, Ph.D.

Born in South Korea, Woosen Ur has been teaching Chinese Medicine since 2005. He teaches all levels of TCM and various topics in TCM.   From 2007 he taught TCM in IBRATE (Brazilian college of therapy) and Calgary college of TCM in Canada, He officially received the title of 'Professor Honoris Causa'  from the Logos university in USA. He investigates epidemic diseases by Yun qi, five movements and six climates theory. Ph.D. in Korean medicine ( Wonkwang univ. in Korea ), Master in Natural health ( Korea ), Bachelor in Chinese medicine ( Beijing univ. of TCM, China ).  
Patrick Jones - Course author
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