Master Tung style Acupuncture

Improve your acupuncture skills.
Lesson series
  • Author: Woosen Ur
  • Level: Advanced
  • Study time: 13 hours 45min or more
  • Video time: 13hours 45min 
Course overview
  Master Tung style Acupuncture is famous for its highly effective treatment and rapid pain relieving effects. This is an advance course of Acupuncture. This course is comprised of two parts.
  Part 1 is about the principles and concepts of Master Tung style Acupuncture,  the main ideas and principles of master Tung are explained one by one. 
 Part 2 is about point locations, methods, and treatment protocols of 82 common diseases by technique of master Tung. Highly recommended to Acupuncture students and Acupuncturists 
Certification included

Introduction from the teacher

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  • Course videos to watch : 8 classes
     ( Total: 13 hours 45 min )
  • Study guides  (PDF) 
    Atlas of points (PDF) 
  • Principles and concepts of Master Tung's style acupuncture. 
  • Treatment protocols of 82 common diseases by the technique of master Tung style acupuncture
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Learn advance skills 

Master Tung's acupuncture is advance technique of acupuncture but  is not taught in the regular TCM schools.  But if you are a professional acupuncturist, studying master Tung style is a necessary technique because of its fast and effective clinical result. 

Certificates of course
If you want to receive a certificate of completion, after studying the course, just send the answers of the test to  asking the certificate ( The test sheet  is at the last line of the contents ). If you gain more than 60% points, you will receive the certificate of completion ( PDF ) by email.  In case you couldn't pass, you still can try it again after 1 month. But if you don't want test, we send you a certificate of participation instead of completion. In that case, please just inform us your full name by email asking the certificate that you want.

Target audience

Acupuncturists or students of Acupuncture who already studied basic TCM theory, channel and acupoints. This course includes Acupuncture terms, channel names, and explained by TCM theory. 

How to enroll and watch the course

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Meet the instructor

Woosen Ur

Born in South Korea, Woosen Ur has been teaching Chinese Medicine since 2005. He teached all levels of TCM and various topics in TCM.   From 2007 he taught TCM in IBRATE (Brazilian college of therapy) and Calgary college of TCM in Canada, He officially received the title of 'Professor Honoris Causa'  from the Logos university in USA. He investigates epidemic diseases by Yun qi, five movements and six climates theory. He has a Masters degree in Natural Health and a Bachelors in Medicine speciailizing in Traditional Chinese Mediicne from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology.  Currently he is taking a PhD of Korean Medicine in South Korea.
Woosen Ur - Course author
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