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TCM herbs for Covid-19

TCM herbal formulas depending on the syndromes (patterns) of the stages. You can watch it in wider screen on our youtube channel.
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TCM herbs for sequelae (aftereffects) of Covid-19

TCM herbs will do very important role in treating sequelae of covid-19
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Master Tung style acupuncture

Advance acupuncture,  master Tung style acupuncture has fast and the most efficient effects.
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コロナの漢方治療 (Japanese)

Short Talk VIDEO

A brief history of classics in fundamentals of TCM

Just watch this 40min video 
 for deeper understanding of history of Chinese Medicine
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The best instructors have designed the most motivating learning paths for you


Our training is designed to provide the skills in a practical approach. Our students' success is our best asset in showing the quality of our training.


Our online classes pass the borders of countries. Distance is not a problem for studying. Anyone in the world who can use internet  can access our online courses of holistic therapies any time. 


Offering advanced courses is our purpose. Our classes are unique and rare in regular schools of therapies. You can apply these advanced knowledge immediately in your work field. 

Courses and Actitivies

Aim high, see big, judge widely
Lesson series

Join our group of holistic studies !

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the explosion of new therapies and alternative treatments? Are you unsure how to learn the new and advance technique?

Studying with us will help you learn how to create, capture and deliver value in your therapeutic field. 

Letters from our students

"I am a professional TCM therapist; I studied acupuncture and herbal medicine when i was taking the regular course.After that, I began to study herbal medicine again here in green aura academy to deepen my knowledge. As a therapist, proper knowledge of diagnosis and treatment is very much necessary.  I had a chance to learn again herbal medicine with Dr. Woosen Ur and it gave me a lot of new insight about patients and pathology. I appreciate it very much. Thank you ! "
"I am a  acupuncturist.  I am happy that I can still improve my knowledge and new skills of holistic therapies in this academy. The courses are very practical  and those courses are difficult to meet at the regular TCM schools. It is quite helpful to learn and fun to communicate with instructor.  I really feel there is no distance barrier in learning at this times. "   

Veralucia Santos
"I am a nurse and studying Acupuncture. I already have a post-graduation of Acupuncture but I always feel I need something new and more knowledge that I didn't learn. I wanted something that is really for treatment or clinical aim and not for acupuncture exam.  And I attended some classes of the green aura academy and those classes gave me a lot of new inspiration about how to treat my patients. And whenever I have a question about clinical situation, I discuss with instructor and it helped me a lot. "
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