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The art world of Mika Ando

'The hearts of flowers and plants.'
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Artist, Mika Ando
Her art works show how the flowers and plants whisper in every moment.
Ink wash painting

    Flowers whisper

The hearts of  flowers and plants by Mika Ando.
All works are genuine original works of Mika Ando.
Size : 43 cm x 34 cm  (width x height)
All sizes are same. 
The price is for one piece of work.

Please contact us by email before you realize the payment. Through email tell us the number and title of the painting that you want to buy and shipping address. and wait our reply. And if you have any personal wishes or special order, you can communicate with us any time.
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Titles of the paintings

You can find the titles with the numbers below the each painting

1. Heavenly bamboo 2. Monthly rose  3. Lychee 4. Siberian iris 
5. White edge morning glory  6. Rose 7. Ramanas rose 8. Persimmon  9. Chrysanthemum  10. Plumed cockscomb 11. White plum blossoms 12. Grape  13. Daffodil  14. Sacred lotus 15. Tsubaki 
16. Southern magnolia

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The flowers tell us, always........

Listen in slience,  flowers whisper

They whisper. . .  

softly tremble with wind

and wave hands . . 

Lovely greetings. . .

warm hearts

and shy faces. . . 

Morning dew sparkle

in the morning,

 they awaken.

Birds sing,

flowers listen

in silence.

Fragrant breathing,

full of spells

spread around. . . 

Ink wash painting artist

Mika Ando

Ink painting expresses the energy of life for me. It is not important to paint the object itself clearly or not, I just try to reflect the living wave sensed from the object in the picture. Also, I think the feeling of that living wave is a criterion for the good quality of the work.
Being near those works helps us sense the beauty of life and our lives will be enriched emotionally and spiritually.  

Website :
Born in Nagano, Japan, 
2019 : Selected in Shell Art Award.
2017 : Gallery of 'Metamorphosis' - 82
2016 : Special prize award in gallery of Shinmai culture business incorporated foundation.
2015 : Gallery of new generation artists, municipal hall of arts and archaeology in Okaya city, Japan.
2015~18 : Paintings of dragons, flowers and birds in the temple of chojuji, Japan
2015~16 : Regular paintings in the circle of haiku and poems in Shinno daily newspaper
2014 : Paintings in the temple of chojuji
2014 : Gallery of 'Metamorphosis' - 82
2014 : Gallery of Ink wash painting of Mika Ando, municipal gallery of arts in Matsumoto city.
2012 : 3rd friendship art gallery of Japan and China.
2011 : Mika Ando Chinese painting solo exhibition
2011 : Gallery of flower ink painting arts in Azumino city, Japan
2010 : Gallery of Ink wash painting by Mika Ando, 'Heartful station memory'
2009 : Demonstration of paintings to the three head leaders of Japan, Korea and China in the special gallery of Eastern impression at the grand hall of people, Beijing, China
2009 : Gallery of 'Asian creation', National gallery of Tokyo, Japan
2009 : Gallery of 'Asia of spirit', Gwangju, South Korea
2008 : Gallery of 'Together', International friendship of artist, Beijing, China
2006 : Gallery of ink wash painting by Mika Ando, 'Nursery Rhymes'

2013 : Doctorate degree in Chinese fine arts, Chinese national academy of Arts, Beijing, China
2010 : Master degree, specializing in fine arts of flowers and birds, Central academy of fine Arts, Beijing, China
2005 : B.F.A in fine arts, Central Academy of fine Arts, Beijing, China

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Frequently asked questions

How much is the delivery fee ? 

The payment already includes delivery fee and all other services like packing and sending. So you don't have to worry about this. Just inform us your shipping address and country by email before you realize the payment for us to check if the pieces of work can arrive at your country.
Email : 

How the piece of work will be packed when it is sent ?

We safely pack it in cardboard tube (long picture case) that is commonly used specially for art pictures. 

Is it possible to ask to paint special subject with different size ?   

Yes, you can ask it by email and we will decide if the subject can be painted or not. So please send us an email to confirm it.  And in that case, please tell us in detail where  you put the art work, for example, at the restaurant, cafe, business room etc. The artist will consider the ambient and will decide how to paint it or what to paint. In that case, the price of art work has to be decided again. 
Email : 

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